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Food Photography – Eating Our Way Through France

The food photography opportunities are truly endless in the fabulous country of France! Along with our pallets being pleased by the delicious food, Mom and I have also fallen in love with the decor and colors from the Provence region.  If only we had the space to bring everything home that we have seen! Mom actually ended up buying a suitcase...

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Food Photography – Flailing And Frying In France

Probably the healthiest plate of food that has graced this blog and it seriously was amazing. The French make the simplest things taste like a million bucks.  They really have mastered the art of cooking and making the rest of the world look really bad.  Thankfully I have some French genes in me so there...

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Food Photography – Market Day In Aix En Provence


We were lucky enough to arrive in Aix En Provence on market day.  I will say that I was rather dissapointed in the lack of pastries they had for sale…I’ve seen more in the Little Italy market in San Diego.  Maybe it’s a sign!  There were of course heaps of other goodies available – fruit,...

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Travel & Food Photography – Sunny Days On The Isle Of Iona, Oban & Mull

Scotland really is a little slice of Heaven. It is a very unique place with lots of little gems to discover and scrumptious food to taste along the way! Mom and I ended our time in Oban where we took the ferry to visit Mull and the Isle of Iona.  I was so captivated by...

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Food Photography – Sloshing Through Scotland


After two gloriously rain-free days in Edinburgh Mom and I set out to travel through the countryside. Despite all of the rain and the fact that I only packed for 80+ degree weather (Scotland was planned last minute) we had a great time visiting various towns and places. Scotland truly is one of the most...

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Travel & Food Photography – We’ve been FRINGED!


What an adventure this has been so far!  We had no idea that the time we would be in Scotland was one of the most popular times of the year because of the notorious Fringe Festival.  They were so many people everywhere doing the craziest things – it was all rather amusing of course!  We...

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