Food Photography – Eating Our Way Through France

The food photography opportunities are truly endless in the fabulous country of France! Along with our pallets being pleased by the delicious food, Mom and I have also fallen in love with the decor and colors from the Provence region.  If only we had the space to bring everything home that we have seen! Mom actually ended up buying a suitcase in Nice to transport her good finds along with a stack of my dirty clothes that I was more than pleased to get out of my suitcase.  Moms are the best!  In between ducking into numerous antique shops and trying not to sweat to death in the heat we found some divine restaurants…which is not a hard task in France. Duck with raspberry sauce and the BEST potato au gratin EVER!When I get home I am going to attempt to make the food on the plates I serve as presentable as the French…attempt being the keyword.Chilled cucumber gazpacho served with tapenade toasts.France’s version of Italy’s tomato mozzarella salad…yes please!Yes that is a raw egg.  I was craving some Italian food and decided to go with Pasta Carbonara only to discover the French let you dump the raw egg on yourself!I have a new favorite pastry…can’t remember the name right now but it is even more amazing than it looks…I thought it deserved two photos!Now this is a proper slice of flan.One of my favorite things about Europe is their use of breakfast items with ice cream…waffles and crepes are my favorite!On our last night together in Nice Mom and I decided it was only appropriate to eat dessert first (we were so full afterwards that we had no room for dinner)!Walking through the streets of Gordes…old city on a hill.  We walked in the shade as much as possible because it was so darn hot.We risked our lives trying to take this picture of Gordes!

Lavendar grows out of control in Provence.  It is sold everywhere and there are fields of it!  Unfortunately it does not grow in August.

I couldn’t believe we found my favorite pumpkins in August in France! Fields of them to be exact…of course we had to stop so I could get out and play with them. Can’t wait for Fall!
*PLEASE NOTE* I am NOT trying to strike a pose in the picture above…just trying to hold back my sweaty hair after playing with the pumpkins!

This picture just makes me smile…cheese and champagne are made for each other!

 Avignon’s Old City square at night.

I think the picture of our waiter on the right might be on of my favorites from this summer for some many different reasons!  Love the turned up collar lavendar polo…however I love that he is bringing me my ice cream even more!

The beautiful Rhone River in Avignon.

Euro tennies galore!  For you Jess!

This is where we had the yummy ice cream desserts shown above.  It was the larges Haagen Daz I have ever seen and it was jammed…for good reason!

One of the beaches in Nice…total madhouse!

This is Mom’s new suitcase that we wheeled around for 2 hours while we explored Nice.  It was especially fun wheeling it in and out of the tiny shops trying not to knock everything over.

Mom and I thought this artist’s work was so unique and fun.

mom - August 29, 2011 - 8:04 PM

Oh my, my mouth is craving our Hagen Daz Dinner among other things. Champagne and cheese are right up there

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