Food Photography – Sloshing Through Scotland

After two gloriously rain-free days in Edinburgh Mom and I set out to travel through the countryside. Despite all of the rain and the fact that I only packed for 80+ degree weather (Scotland was planned last minute) we had a great time visiting various towns and places. Scotland truly is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, I can’t imagine what it would look like on a clear day when it still looks so gorgeous with rain and gloom looming over it.  Make sure to scroll down to view the food photography highlights…so different than France!

This pretty much sums up Scotland in the summer…rain off and on throughout the day mixed with just enough wind to make your hair look like you didn’t bother to do it.  I overheard a local say that this was one of their warmer/dryer summers…HA!  I can’t imagine being here in the winter.  We saw a number of confused people trekking through Scotland on the side of the road laden in their backpacks and camping gear.  Mom and I just can’t understand how that would even be remotely fun when you spend most of the day wet and then have to pitch a tent and never be able to get properly dry and warm.Scotland’s countryside is absolutely breathtaking in every way…even with clouds, grey skies and rainstorms!  I decided that the photographers who take pictures for Scotland’s postcards must be on call for whenever there is a sunny day because all of the postcards I saw were stunning and as we learned sunny days here are few and far between:)I just LOVE asking random people to take pictures for me…not only do I get to see my feet but the side of someone’s car.  I am getting a portable tripod.Hot chocolate and clotted cream at its finest.Right before we crossed the bridge to the Isle of Skye we came across these beautiful horses.  We contemplated jumping on but then decided we were hungry.This is the bridge to the Isle of Skye and the small town of Portree.Mom bought me a wedge of frosted gingerbread here and it was AMAZING…she chose some sick bun for herself.  After being forced to share my gingerbread with her she decided that she wanted to go back and buy the rest of it…seriously.  When we came back a few hours later it was all gone and I truly thought she was going to cry.  Since then we have been into every bakery that we have come across asking for gingerbread with no luck. Clotted cream and carmel fudge.  Just needed peanut butter.I don’t like to have to work in order to eat my food…these langoustines were not only work but also made me bleed.  I also prefer not to have things on my plate with tiny black eyeballs staring at me.This was how excited I was after the FOURTH castle tour…Mom loves history! Fun fact – this castle was used in a handful of movies including James Bond – “The World Is Not Enough.”For some reason I get really excited when I see animals roaming around the countryside and feel compelled to approach them immediately and try and pet them.You can tell how much they LOVED me.   I even offered them grass!Sexy hooves.The look on the lamb’s face in this picture makes me laugh really hard.  I don’t think it wants to be my penpal.This is how it goes down…first they see me approaching with camera in hand…And then they run for their lives.Mom has come to love cemeteries because of her family history research…even ones that have the biggest rain clouds ever over them.Now this is a seafood platter.  Andrew – I took this for you!Everything in Scotland is made with Whiskey…chocolate, porridge, bread, etc. Mom and I tasted a sample and it made our eyes burn just from smelling it…we are not whiskey fans but at least braved a taste of their claim to fame. I can totally get into their fish and chips though!

Joe Mazzola - August 30, 2011 - 1:34 AM

Holy Cow Megan!!! Cinnamon just showed me your sight. Holy Cow. A heard of cattle that are Holy!!!

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