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I love when food is worthy of being photographed because then you know it will most likely taste divine. Most of the photos below are from a trip to Europe where the abundance of amazing food that looks like an art form is around every corner. Along with finding food photography fun I also enjoy cooking recipes off of the Food Network and from The Pioneer Woman. I often times find myself in Whole Foods looking for tasty ingredients but then getting sidetracked by their wide selection of cheese!

Travel & Food Photography – Visit To Versailles


After a little delay on our part, Andrew and I picked up JD and Steph in Paris and shoved them in the back of our extremely spacious euro ride. Thankfully they were troopers and the route to Champagne was an hour and half away…until we decided to stop by the Palace of Versailles for a...

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Travel & Food Photography – Au Revoir Paris


Sightseeing in Paris will forever change your life. We made sure not to walk everywhere so we wouldn’t miss a thing by taking public transportation.  Of course I couldn’t help but stare at every menu we walked by and every plate of delicious looking food.  I don’t know how every French person is not 100...

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Travel & Food Photography – Parisian Antiquities…The Source Of My Morning Amusement

Taking a break from food photography we decided to visit an ‘antique’ market in Paris where we came across the most unique items for sale. Many of the photos I took for certain people. Mom – the ones I took for you are of the miniature blue cabinet, the old picture book, the old hand...

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Food Photography – Glorious French Food!

I promised my beautiful, pregnant friend that food photography would be a main focus of my trip this summer and that I would take photos of all of the French food I could. Poor Andrew has to wait before he eats so I can take a photo to add to the food wall of fame....

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Food Photography – Ah Paris!

Laduree macaroons

The last time I was in Paris I was with my family and a senior in High School…at the time the only thing my sister and I were able to appreciate where chocolate croissants and Orangina. Thankfully I have managed to expand my horizons since then and this time around I was able to embrace...

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