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I love when food is worthy of being photographed because then you know it will most likely taste divine. Most of the photos below are from a trip to Europe where the abundance of amazing food that looks like an art form is around every corner. Along with finding food photography fun I also enjoy cooking recipes off of the Food Network and from The Pioneer Woman. I often times find myself in Whole Foods looking for tasty ingredients but then getting sidetracked by their wide selection of cheese!

Travel & Food Photography – Edinburgh…Madness At It’s finest


The best part of the past 24 hours is captured in the last photo of this blog – hands down the BEST mussels I have ever had in my life.  Those divine little shells definitely deserve to be on the front page of every food photography post I ever create! Now to the more traumatizing...

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Travel & Food Photography – Melting in Madrid…But Loving It!


Andrew and I are spending a week in Madrid with his Dad (Mauri) who is here trying to get their apartment sold. Besides the fact that I haven’t stoppped sweating since we landed it has been great! After awhile you just kind of have to embrace and make it a point to where the least...

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Travel & Food Photography – The Last Few Weeks In A Nutshell

We had some rather wet and gloomy weather for a few weeks so I decided not to photograph as much due to the fact that gray clouds and raindrops in my photos just don’t excite me in the least. Plus it gave me some time to play catch up on projects I have been meaning to finish and of...

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Food Photography – The fromage cart that didn’t stink and the courses that kept on coming…I love the French!


The first night we were in Champagne, France we went out to dinner to a restaurant that was recommended to us, Le Relais. Given that the only directions we had were, “on the road between Dormans and Château Thierry” we had to ask for some directions along the way and of course I felt the...

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Travel & Food Photography – Mayhem In The Sunflower Field


While Steph and JD are enjoying a nice, memorable moment amidst the rows of sunflowers, Andrew is busy picking up a decrepit, dried chicken leg and thrusting it in my face for a close up look at its crusty talons. You can tell how much I enjoyed it…truly never a dull moment.  The only food...

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Travel & Food Photography – Champagne Bubbles, Madame Nobecourt (aka Mrs. Butter) & La Ravenne

After following directions like “past the seventh pear tree, around the bend, across the creek and over the stone bridge” we arrived to a little town called Le Breuil in France’s Champagne region. Situated in the midst of vineyards, atop a hill lay our charming farmhouse, “La Ravenne.”I must say that one of my favorite...

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