Travel & Food Photography – Melting in Madrid…But Loving It!

Andrew and I are spending a week in Madrid with his Dad (Mauri) who is here trying to get their apartment sold. Besides the fact that I haven’t stoppped sweating since we landed it has been great! After awhile you just kind of have to embrace and make it a point to where the least amount of clothing as possible. Madrid is a really neat city – kind of New York/San Francisco with a spanish flair. This city never really sleeps. People are out all night into the early hours of the morning because it doesn’t get dark until after 10p.m. and you really don’t want to go outside until then because the sun will rock your world. It’s crazy to see so many people out so late in the day…very fun though! We were lucky enough to have Mauri as our tour guide around Madrid. He grew up in Madrid and knows so much history and neat places to visit!  Not to mention he knows the best restaurants to eat at and add to my food photography stockpile.
I seriously contemplated immersing my entire body into the water.  I just had to get over the slime and grim that was hanging off my feet first… Andrew somehow managed to row me around for 45 minutes in 95 degree heat!We saw the cutest beagles – I can’t imagine what it would be like to roll around Madrid with a fur coat on?!I was so amused by the slightly plump girl and the TOP 5 Tips on “Keeping your boyfriend away from other girls” - definitely worth a read. Mauri took us to a great restaurant in Segovia (small town outside Madrid) where their specialty was Baby Pig.  I passed on the pig after seeing it displayed with it’s teeth still intact.  Excellent food though!Poor Wilbur.The food in Spain may not look as appetizing as what France has to offer but it is darn good.  Spain uses oil like France uses butter.  Super. When Andrew was a teenager he won $40 dollars in a slot machine inside this bar.  Next to him is his friend Marcos from Brazil who was one of his groomsmen.  Marcos happened to be vacationing in Madrid at the same time as us so we were lucky enough to be able to spend some time with him.  He is one of my favorite friends of Andrews.The church in Segovia.I was so hopeful when I saw clouds rolling into Segovia in the distance…no dice though…the sun annihilated them.Segovia’s CastleAndrew’s birthday cake:)  Mauri and I went to three different bakeries before deciding on this divine delicacy.  It was so fun celebrating Andrew’s birthday in Madrid with his Dad!Escritorial – another small town outside of Madrid.  We took a few day trip to escape the heat!Andrew and I had loads of laundry to wash – I swear the clothes dried in less than 20 minutes – it was amazing.  Andrew has taken to call me “Meganita.” Did I mention that I managed to send one of socks 6 floors down?:)Andrew’s birthday present, Mauri and I took him to a Flamenco/Ballet…it was amazing.  I couldn’t believe how gracefully fast they could move…Andrew kept teasing me they were going to call me up on stage…Disaster.

Churros are incredibly popular in Spain for breakfast.  They dip them in their coffee or hot chocolate.  To be honest, I prefer the ones from Costco that are covered in cinnamon and sugar:)

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