Food Photography – The fromage cart that didn’t stink and the courses that kept on coming…I love the French!

The first night we were in Champagne, France we went out to dinner to a restaurant that was recommended to us, Le Relais. Given that the only directions we had were, “on the road between Dormans and Château Thierry” we had to ask for some directions along the way and of course I felt the need to photograph our French helpers. We rolled up in tennis shoes and flip flops only to discover this was a 5 star restaurant – woops! Thankfully they didn’t turn us away and we were able to enjoy our 10 course dinner (except for the green seaweed concotion served to us in a shot glass…we all gave Andrew ours).  I am sure they were so pleased when I pulled out my camera to photograph their amazing creations to add to the food photography section of my blog:)


Madame Nobecourt & Julia Child
One night at the house we arranged to have a french chef come to the house and cook for us…given that she spoke zero English we really had no idea what she was going to be making for us.  When Andrew spoke with her over the phone with what little French he knew he got off saying she sounded just like Julia Child.  The next night we enjoyed Madame Nobecourt’s dinner of Duck, roasted potatoes, onions, green beans, seafood platter with STICKS OF BUTTER layed over the smoked salmon, salad, cookies and chocoalte mousse…oh, and of course a cheese platter with a french baguette.

YES…those are sticks of butter. I was too busy eating everything in sight to take any more photos of her lovely meal but let’ s just say it was delicious and EVERYTHING had plenty of butter 


mom - July 31, 2011 - 1:58 AM

You can never have too much butter.

Elizabeth Li - August 13, 2011 - 2:53 AM

Thanks Megan for sending your photos and comments. I love it and am salivating over all the gorgeous food photos! The scenery photos are fabulous, too!

Looks like the trip was a wild success and I wish we were all there with you guys. Have a wonderful time and be safe…and keep sending the photos.

Mrs. Li

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