Food Photography – Flailing And Frying In France

Probably the healthiest plate of food that has graced this blog and it seriously was amazing. The French make the simplest things taste like a million bucks.  They really have mastered the art of cooking and making the rest of the world look really bad.  Thankfully I have some French genes in me so there is hope for me yet!  It was so hot today that my lens kept fogging up making food photography slightly challenging…I just ate gelato while I waited:)

We LOVE our salt…can never have enough!  Also, the French love french fries with EVERYTHING…you can be out a super nice restaurant and they will still serve them to you.  No problem with us!

Make sure to notice the Pooch in the lady’s purse.  Dog’s are everywhere here…they bring them into not only restaurants but grocery stores too and no one cares

I love my mom!  Thanks for coming on this adventure with me!Sometimes there is no shade to be found and all you an do is back up against a stone wall and soak up its coldness!Our new favorite antique store.  Why oh why did not I not bring an empty suitcase!?View from the top of the La Route des Cretes.  It was a beautiful but gut wrenching drive up with views of the coastline.  It was really special when we had to pass the Frenchies who like to drive in the middle of the road at ungodly speeds. For someone who does not like to cross the Coronado Bridge, I was rather surprised when Mom found the courage to hang from the railing!The little town of Cassis where we went on a little day trip.  Looking back we would’ve liked to gone at about 8p.m. when the ball of fire in the sky wasn’t out to burn us alive.

There was a carousel in every town in Provence what we visited…apparently they are extremely popular here.  I liked the ones that had 2 stories.Nighttime market in Aix En Provence filled with jewelry, purses, scarves, paintings, purses, clothes, shoes etc…This smoked salmon might look rather unappetizing to some of you but it really was good, and went down extremly well especially with all the lemon and oil it was drenched in:)I LOVE how they cool their bottle of wine with the fountain…AMAZING!  Ice is more or less nonexistent here and if a grocery store or restaurant has it they charge you through the nose for it. Mom and I thought this sweet old man was just precious.  We wanted to go up and hug him:)

The top picture is a view of Avignon’s walled city.  I wasn’t feeling 100% one afternoon and told mom that I would wait for her right outside of the Pope’s Palace.  I ended up falling asleep against the stone wall for an hour and woke up sweating and with no sign of my mom…she had apparently gone on death march/tour of the town.  I gave up on her and went back to the hotel and took a fat nap with the AC cranked to FREEZING.

mom - August 26, 2011 - 5:33 PM

Thanks for calming down my wrinkles. I still think we should have ridden the merry go round. Tell Andrew I am going to hang him outside like a butterfly cocoon and that way he won’t get too cold – while you try and freeze him out. Very fond memories with my daughter.
Love, Mom

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