Travel & Food Photography – Edinburgh…Madness At It’s finest

The best part of the past 24 hours is captured in the last photo of this blog – hands down the BEST mussels I have ever had in my life.  Those divine little shells definitely deserve to be on the front page of every food photography post I ever create!

Now to the more traumatizing part…After my bag being over the weight limit and a plane delay in Madrid, I managed to stand in the wrong passport line like a total champion when I landed in Edinburgh…note to self – I am not a resident of Europe. Needless to say after all of my issues I was super excited to see Mom waiting for me right outside customs. And then the drama began…again. Apparently I was feeling really confident when I booked our MANUAL (stick shift) rental car knowing that I would be driving on the opposite side of the car and road. Not only that but the blinker and windshield wipers levers are on opposite sides and I kept hitting the windshield wipers on when I wanted to switch lanes…I think I will have to tie a bow on it so I don’t keep forgetting! To make a REALLY long story short, Mom and I managed not to follow any of the directions we had to our hotel, drive in the BUS ONLY lane, stall the car on a hill (this is where we switched drivers…I don’t do hills) and break a lot of traffic laws in the midst of one of busiest times of the year here. What should have taken us 25 minutes took us 1.5 hours. Utterly dumbfounded we miraculously made it to our hotel…seriously it was only by the grace of God that we ended up there…thankfully Andrew had prayed for extra guardian angels to be with mom and I as we said goodbye in the airport!

This pretty much sums up our first day in Edinburgh…4 maps, streets that changed names at least 3 times for no reason, and us trying to remember to look both ways before crossing the street.  Our favorite question to ask was, “Where are we on this map?” while simultaneously thrusting our map in their face.   It was amazing.Mom and I had to pet every dog we saw…this one was wearing a sparkly gold collar:)Edinburgh is usually not this crowded and crazy.  August is the busiest month of the year here because of all of the festivals.  The one that is going on now is called “Fringe.”  We saw people dressed up in all sorts of funky outfits doing the weirdest stuff to attract attention for the shows they were putting on later that day.The famous “Royal Mile” where everything was going down.  At the top of the Mile sits Edinburgh Castle and at the bottom the Palace of Holyroodhouse.  In between there are tons of shops, restaurants, pubs and plaid:)Mom is such a champion.  She flew from San Diego to Chicago, London to Edinburgh, waited 2 hours for my plane to arrive, rescued me and everyone else on the road from my excellent driving capabilities and then basically dragged me out the door when we got to our hotel to go discover Edinburgh.  She has more energy than me for sure:)Two of my favorite pictures of the day…Make sure to check out this man’s metal hooves! You just gotta go with it.Mom and I had tea, scones and clotted cream at Clarinda’s Tea Room.I LOVE my Ipad…seriously the best investment for this trip.  I downloaded Rick Steve’s Scotland book and it led us to great places we would never have been able to find otherwise.  It also served as another map for us to try and figure out where we were especially since we didn’t have a map that included all of the streets, so we kept having to switch back and forth between each one.  I just don’t understand what the point of a map is if you aren’t going to include all of the streets on it.  Thankfully the people in Edinburgh were all SO nice and helpful.  Mom and I love their vocabulary.This picture does not do this dish any justice.  Honestly the BEST mussels I have ever had.  I was not expecting to find the food here to be exciting in the least but everything we ate was excellent.

Peggy St. Philip - August 10, 2011 - 1:19 PM

Megan…I was thinking of you today and decided to look at your blog. I was tickled to see you and your Momma pix in Edinburgh. Have fun and give a great big hug to your Momma. I love see all of your travel adventures thru your amazing photography. enjoy the rest of your time together with Andrew in Europe. Love you…Peggy

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