Travel & Food Photography – Champagne Bubbles, Madame Nobecourt (aka Mrs. Butter) & La Ravenne

After following directions like “past the seventh pear tree, around the bend, across the creek and over the stone bridge” we arrived to a little town called Le Breuil in France’s Champagne region. Situated in the midst of vineyards, atop a hill lay our charming farmhouse, “La Ravenne.”I must say that one of my favorite parts of driving through the little towns was discovering that many of them had “brie” in their name…Baulne-en Brie, Candie-en-Brie…fitting for sure.  Speaking of Brie, I must say that I am really look forward to dedicating a good amount of photos of that divine delicacy to my food photography section.

And they thought I would leave my camera at home on our walk…Andrew and JD were our master BBQ men. For some reason we never got around to eating dinner until around 10p.m. and then we would stay up until about 1a.m. talking, playing one of Steph’s creative games:)and very competitive matches of Jenga.

I have a minor obessions with pears and trees that change colors…as luck would have it our house had pear and apples trees and a lovely tree full of bright yellow leaves outside our bedroom window. The picked one of the apples and had Andrew try it first just in case…after a few minutes when he didn’t turn green I knew it was safe:)

JD and Steph were such fun house guests and travel couple! Lots of laughs and great memories to cherish forever…capoochee and colito:)

Poor Steph got attacked by a colony of bugs living in the cornfield that she had originally thought it would be fun to run through!

mom - July 26, 2011 - 2:08 PM

I am envious. JD and Stephanie are precious. Bring the house home and you can call it your own. I am sure we could find a lot.

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