Travel & Food Photography – Au Revoir Paris

Sightseeing in Paris will forever change your life. We made sure not to walk everywhere so we wouldn’t miss a thing by taking public transportation.  Of course I couldn’t help but stare at every menu we walked by and every plate of delicious looking food.  I don’t know how every French person is not 100 pounds overweight with all of the good food they have at their fingertips 24/7.  The city is romantic, charming, mysterious, and full of history and culture. I never realized how enormous Paris is…I think I would have to live here for a year to even scarcely scratch the surface. I am so excited about all of the food photography snapshots I have been gathering during our stay. What a treasure they will be when I am back home eating American take out!
Just a few entertaining shots of things around Paris…Click on the picture to play the slideshow.

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