Maternity Photography – Perfectly Pregnant In Every Way

Maternity in the fallJoelle was my first friend in middle school and has been one of my dearest and best friends ever since. We met in our seventh grade math class when I mustered up the courage to ask if she wanted to eat lunch with me. I just counted on my fingers and figured out that was 16 years ago…good heavens that is a LONG time ago. I love that we have shared priceless moments together and have a bundle of memories that we both cherish more than life itself. I kept having to pinch myself while shooting Joelle and Jason to remind myself that she had not shoved a basketball under her shirt as a joke but this was in fact very real and she was going to be giving birth to my “new best friend” in less than a month. 16 years ago the thought of being married and pregnant seemed like a lifetime away and now here Joelle is just weeks away from one of the biggest moments of her life (I am sure coming in to a close second to the day we met in 7th grade of course).

Joelle is not laughing at me…she is laughing at the fact that Jason is chucking handfuls of leaves at her to “set the scene.”Said ‘basketball.’  I mean really…who looks like this when they are almost 9 months pregnant?!The mom to be be looking so peaceful and radiant!I think by the time we left there was a not a single leaf left on the poor little branch:)I just love the expressions on both of their faces in these photos.  Love.  Happiness.  Excitement. Here come the leaves!Thankfully Jason was there to make every picture perfect – he even offered to come along with me to my future shoots to set the scene.  Love him.The parents to be of my “new best friend.”A little ‘behind the scenes’ snapshot if you will.

Simply beautiful.It is really hard to take a picture of Joelle when she is not laughing – it is a good problem to have for sure!Kisses for the sweet baby girl.One of the things I like best about shooting maternity photography in San Diego is the fabulous weather and beautiful outdoor locations.

Rita - December 14, 2011 - 11:01 PM

These are beautiful, Megan!

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