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Babies are the best! Their sweet little new born faces make baby photography so rewarding. Every baby is unique and precious in their own way. I love the classic sleeping baby poses along with the funny and unique moments that only babies are capable of making.

Maternity Photography – Perfectly Pregnant In Every Way

Joelle was my first friend in middle school and has been one of my dearest and best friends ever since. We met in our seventh grade math class when I mustered up the courage to ask if she wanted to eat lunch with me. I just counted on my fingers and figured out that was...

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Newborn Baby Pictures – Little Austin

You experience a little piece of heaven when you get to hold baby Austin. God made him so wonderfully from head to toe! What a joy it was to spend time with Austin, Katie and Andy. He was such a good baby enduring the outdoor elements and donning his festive hat like a champ! Dexter...

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Baby Photography – Squeezable Cheeks & Melt Your Heart Smiles

Are these little ones not the sweetest little gifts from heaven you have ever seen!? What a treat it was to be able to snap a few photos of them at a beach bbq a few weekends ago. This year was officially the year to have a baby. I lost count after my 19th friend...

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Baby Photography – Sweet Presley Anne

Family picture

This baby photography shoot is marking the beginning of a lot of babies being born this year. I know so many people that are pregnant right now – I have actually lost count! I was very much looking forward to meeting Little Presley and quickly discovered what a peaceful newborn baby she was…lucky parents for...

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